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Gold Coast Model Photography

Model, Portfolio and Portrait Photography Pricing.


It depends what the photos are to be used for.

Before contacting me, please consider the following because I will ask you, and then negotiate a payment amount. For example:-
What are the photos for?
Are they for publication?
If so, through which Media?
Where will the photos be used?
Do you want to shoot for a magazine?
If so which publication/s?

A ‘Model Release/Agreement’ will need to be signed before any photography takes place, This is to protect you and me from any unlawful usage of the images.

Copyright - who owns it?

The general rule in Australia is that whoever pays for the photography, owns the Copyright - unless there is an Agreement stating otherwise.

So if a photographer gives you some photos for your time, then that photographer owns the copyright. (Photos can be classed as payment).

If a Photographer does not ask you to sign a ‘Model Release/Agreement’ you are leaving yourself open to exploitation, and you may find your photos used for various advertising or internet sites, without your permission.

So how much?

I’m negotiable - just talk to me about what you need, and what you want to achieve and I’ll help you. If the shoot can also benefit me, that’s also an added incentive for competitive pricing.

Call me 0414 279 377.