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Gold Coast Photography Courses

Photography Courses - Gold Coast.

Learn to use your camera.

Digital cameras are wonderful machines, but all the menus, dials, and settings can be daunting. However, they are there for a reason -to help you create better images.
Knowing how and when to use them will enable you to create images with the "wow" factor - images unique to you - because you created it.

Learn how to take better photos.

Having a great camera doesn't mean you are a great photographer!
The camera is just a tool that you use to capture the image. It's how you use the camera, combined with your knowledge of light, composition, body language, posing, colour balance, lenses, apertures, shutter speeds and post processing that lets you "make photos" rather than just “taking snaps”.

My Teaching Experience

With over 17 years experience in sharing and teaching photography and Photoshop skills through TAFE, ACE, CQU, The National Photo Training College, and various other RTO's, plus Corporate and private training, I will give you the skills you need to help you achieve the results you want.
Class sizes are limited to 4 attendees to ensure your complete satisfaction with the course outcomes.
Private tuition is also available.

Gold Coast Photography Courses

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