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Gold Coast Real Estate Photography

Gold Coast Real Estate Photography

Professional Real Estate Photography

If you want your property to sell quickly, then you need to have professional images. Quality images results in more calls, more inspections, and a quicker sale - which usually means a higher selling price. and more money on your pocket.

Professional Real Estate photography pricing guide.

Bad Real Estate Photography

Poor images result in a longer time on the market, more 'Open Homes', more agents calling for your listing, more advertising expense. and often a lower sale price. Which all mean less money in your pocket.
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An Extra $50,000-$100,000 for your property sale.

My aim as a professional photographer is make your property look $50K-$100K better than the asking price.
A buyer will instantly compare the price to the photos. If it looks like good value they will 'short-list’ it.
I do NOT use super wide-angle lenses to make properties look larger than they are. I find this very deceptive, as do many of the prospective buyers I have met.

Who should pay for the Professional Photography?

My opinion is that the Vendor should pay for the photography. Why? Many reasons:
  • you will have unlimited usage rights to use the images where and when ever you want, without fear of Copyright infringement from 'Multi-list Real Estate' sites, photographers and agents.
    If you decide to change agents, you will already have images for their use, without the cost of another photographer.
    The vendor stands to profit the most from a higher selling price.
    When the house is sold you will have a collection of great images for your memories.
If you are a Vendor and have Swan Photographics photograph your property, you will receive a signed 'Release Form' acknowledging that you have the right to unlimited use of the images for advertising and promotion in all media.

Bottom Line! - if investing between $180 and $350 in professional images results in upwards of an extra $10,000 in sale price, there should be no reason to accept, or even consider non- professional images.